Just like the adults, Trinity’s children have opportunities to Connect, Grow, and Serve

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Opportunities for Children

NEW THIS YEAR!!! The Children’s Sunday Schools will be sponsoring the CHRISTMAS GIFT TREE

This is a church-wide mission project to benefit the children in the community around Central United Methodist Church. Members of the congregation are to take ornaments from the tree (beginning November 8) and purchase, wrap and return gifts (by December 6) with the special tag attached.  Gift Tree can be found just outside of Leila Denton’s office. Previously sponsored by Mission Kids.


Sharing HOPE Night, Sunday, December 3, from 4 – 5:30 PM

A NEW Event celebrating the first Sunday in Advent and the New Christian Year by sharing HOPE serving others and warm fellowship. We will begin with stations where we can create, assemble or wrap items to benefit those around Richmond. Activities will include making dog toys, assembling ornaments for retirement home residents, creating cards for the homebound, wrapping socks for the homeless, building boxes to take home as reminder to bring foods for Shearbourne, tying & stuffing fleece pillows for kids. We will be able to take an Advent Prayer Walk through the halls. Around 5 PM we will gather to share a wassail punch and winter soup & warm bread.

The event will close by gobbling our own decorated cookies. $3 per person/$10 per family. Contact Leila Denton Ldenton@trinityumc.net.


In preparation for the event, we are asking for donations to help us share:

  • Socks
  • Left over Halloween candy
  • Tennis balls
  • Pinecones
  • Large pieces of fleece
  • Fiber fill for pillows


Registration opens October 1

The Children’s Christmas Pageant is December 17 at 4 PM.  All N4 – 5th grade children are invited to participate.  Look for registration forms in October through Sunday School and email.  More information and conditions are outlined on the registration forms, including required practice sessions. To be considered for a speaking/acting part (which are genneral just for the oldest kids), registration forms need to be in by November 1.   Parts will be assigned November 19. Questions?  Joey McPhail 334-1311 johelen.mcphail@gmail.com

Registration Forms:

N4 & Kindergarten                                             1st & 2nd                                                3rd, 4th & 5th 

Children’s Christmas Pageant

If you missed the 2015 children’s Christmas pageant you can view it here:

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