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Opportunities for Children

VBS 2017, July 10 – 14, 2017, 9am – Noon

ROME – Paul and the Underground Church

Experience the Thrill of Visiting an Underground Church!

Explore a crowded Roman marketplace, tiptoe past watchful Roman guards, race chariots, encourage first-century Christians who meet in a dark cave, and visit Paul for daily discoveries about God’s love.

 We offer groups for Nursery 3 (children who were 3 years old by September 2016) & Nursery 4 (children who were 4 years old by September 2016 and not in Kindergarten) classes, and groups for Kindergarten thru 5th grade.

Teachers, leaders and helpers sign yourself and your family up today! www.myvbs.org/TrinityUMCRichmond

If you are able to commit to help with VBS, we also offer childcare for your crib – Nursery 2 (with activities for N2) children.

Dedicated Youth and Adults are  Read more

Special Needs for VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2017,  July 10 – 14

I am sure you know that we have an exciting theme, ROME- Paul and the Underground Church. We have tremendous plans to transform Trinity Hall into a marketplace, so the kids will feel they are going back in time to 1st Century Rome. We also will be decorating the hallways and the sanctuary. To do this, we need lots of extra help!  VBS set-up will take place beginning Friday, July 7 and continue through Sunday. 

Specific requests below:

  • 7 or 8 pop-up tent/cabanas (We need a total of around 12, but have some commitments already) – we would like to borrow these and any size would work.  We would need them in Trinity Hall no later than Friday morning, July 7.  They will be used all VBS week and we would like them picked up late Friday afternoon, July 14.  Please label them with name and contact phone #. (If you have one you would like to donate, that would be fine.) 
  • 10 or 11 large wicker type laundry basket size baskets (Total needed is 15) We would need them in Trinity Hall Friday morning, July 7.  They will be used all VBS week and we would like them picked up  Friday afternoon, July 14.  Please label them with name and contact phone #.
  • VBS Set-up helpers – for Friday, July 7, Saturday, July 8 and (after noon) Sunday, July 9.
  • Breakdown & Clean-up helpers – for Friday Afternoon July 14.
  • Building project helpers – the 4th & 5th graders will be building Mason Bee Houses. Helpers will commit to Monday and/or Tuesday morning.  Bill Burch & Keith Reynolds will be spearheading this project, but they need more adult supervisors.
  • VBS helpers during the week – there are lots of different needs, but especially critical are Extollo (Music) leaders and Apprenticeship Games (recreation) Leaders.  Curriculum and schedules are supplied.

Register to help during the week at www.MyVBS.org/TrinityUMCRichmond .

Please contact one of the VBS Directors or Leila Denton if there are questions or you want to help.

Jan Benton cwbenton@epix.net, 607-206-6677

Krystal Hawke krystalhawke@gmail.com, 540-421-1659

Natalie Russell natalie.russell08@gmail.com, 804-497-0168


Thanks in advance for all your help with our Church-wide VBS efforts, which extends our reach into the community!


The Food Trucks will be at Trinity on Wednesday, July 12 from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.  There will be a variety of cuisine to chose from, live band, and a bounce house.  Bring a lawn chair as well as friends and family and enjoy some fellowship, there will be something for everyone!

Special guest appearance of Nutzy from the Flying Squirrels!



Come join the fun as we see how board games can teach lessons from the Bible.  Just like there are rules for playing each of these games, God has given us specific rules for how we are to live. We will explore “Games You Should Play” and “Games You Shouldn’t Play.” We have already begun to brainstorm ways to engage the kids, but we want your ideas, too.  Please contact Leila Denton ldenton@trinityumc.net if you wish to be a part of the summer planning fun.  Sign up now for all the times you can help on Sundays throughout the summer at http://bit.ly/BoardGames930SummerSS .


June 24 – 27, 2017

Mission Kids (1st – 5th graders) and their parents are planning a 4 day (3 night) Mission Trip this year from Saturday, June 24 through Tuesday, June 27.  Check out the Frequently asked QuestionsFeel free to contact Leila Denton Ldenton@trinityumc.net.   Commitments and early planning will be critical for the success of this summer’s trip. 


Children’s Christmas Pageant

If you missed the 2015 children’s Christmas pageant you can view it here:

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