Camp Director Lori Smith has just announced the 2018 All God’s Children Camp Sessions:

  • June 17-22 Camp Chanco on the James (Richmond area)
  • June 24-29 Camp Overlook (Keezletown, VA)
  • July 29-August 3 Camp Occohannock on the Bay (Eastern Shore)

All God’s Children Camp serves children ages 7-11 whose mother and/or father are incarcerated. Typically our children live with extended family members or a single parent. Volunteers ages 17 and up spend the week at camp with one or two children. While we do not lead activities, we provided supervision, companionship, and compassion for our campers. Mentors are responsible for getting to and from camp and for the $20 background check. The 2018 application deadline is June 1. Drivers volunteer to pick up 2-3 campers and get them to and from camp, as not all children have transportation.

A Testimony: of the many opportunities that Trinity membership has offered me, All God’s Children Camp is at the top. I have experienced beautiful areas of Virginia and gotten to know wonderful children in a great outdoor setting. As an amazing bonus, many of the mentors are college students from VCU and Mary Washington University, so getting acquainted with them has been wonderful, too. They are the very generation we want to invite and introduce to Methodism. With our new connection at the Pace Center at VCU, what could be better? A vignette, last year one junior mentor from Reveille (a rising junior at Douglas Freeman) served with us at Chanco, then went on to Camp Overlook and then to serve for a week with Friends of Barnabas in Honduras. I met amazing people. Please look at the attachments and call me to find out more about AGCCamp. I promise it will expand your horizons. Photos from Camp Chanco are on the bulletin board near Judy Oguich’s office. You will see how the Native Americans walked across ropes to avoid treading on the graves of their ancestors. We swam in the James River every day. —Mary Hetzel 282-5872

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