On Saturday, May 5, the Trinity Hall elevator stopped working. Over 30 years old, the elevator needs a new piston and cylinder. Our Trustees have been evaluating a repair proposal, and they hope to make a decision about this repair at their June meeting.

Unfortunately, this is not a quick repair. It is labor intensive and the parts needed for the repair are not stored in a warehouse. It is quite possible that the elevator will be out of service through the end of August.

We know this is a major inconvenience, and we apologize. Please know that the Trustees are carefully evaluating the repair options with a goal to be good financial stewards while insuring that the repairs will take us well into the future.

Questions can be directed to Bill Pike 804-288-6056 Ext 211 or bpike@trinityumc.net.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

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