Trinity’s Creation Care Sunday on April 22 coincides with the 48th annual Earth Day celebrations worldwide.
A lot of progress has been made since 1970 in many areas, such as air pollution and litter reduction, but plastics pollution is now a major threat to God’s creation.

What can you do?
Practice the 5 R’s! Some examples:
• Reduce: Select products without plastic packaging.
• Refuse: Don’t accept straws at restaurants unthinkingly.
• Reuse: Avoid single-use products like water bottles.
• Recycle: Learn what you can recycle. Did you know that CVWMA now recycles any plastic bottles or containers
with a #1-#7 on the bottom?
• Remove: Get involved in clean-up projects! The James River Association removed over 36,000 pounds of plastic/
litter last year (including work done by Trinity’s Reach Out RVA group).

Check out the display case and bulletin board for more information later this month. Consumer choices make a difference. Be part of the solution!

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