“Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord! Lord hear my voice!”
Psalm 130:1

As we continue to see tragedy unfold around us, we cry out to the Lord. In recent weeks we’ve seen flooding in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, destruction in the Caribbean and in Florida due to Hurricane Irma, and a humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. This week we were witness to a mass shooting in Las Vegas.

During times of great tragedy and uncertainty we feel fear, we feel anger, we feel deep sadness, and we cry out to our God.

At Trinity we continue to pray each week in worship for these events and we hope that you are praying daily for those affected. We also don’t sit idly, we work together to make a difference in our world and to help our neighbors far and wide.

We have been collecting money for UMCOR and will continue to do so. (trinityumc.net/give) We are preparing to send Disaster Response Teams as we are able to help with the clean up and rebuilding efforts. And we will host our regular fall Blood Drive, THIS Sunday, October 8, which provides an opportunity to give blood to help others close by and afar.

Thank you for your continued prayers and for your renewed efforts to help others through giving, through blood donation, through prayers, and through continued acts of kindness to each other, to our community, and our world.

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