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Making the decision to close our building based upon winter weather conditions can be a challenge.
First, the Trinity Preschool follows the Henrico County Public Schools closing decisions. If Henrico schools are closed or are on a delayed opening, then Trinity Preschool will follow the school system’s plan.
For all church activities and for organizations that use the church facilities, generally, the decision to close the building will also follow the Henrico County Public Schools schedule.
However, our ability to re-open the building after a winter weather event depends upon how quickly we can clear our parking lots and sidewalks. If we can safely get people on to our grounds and into our building, then Trinity might return to normal operations quicker than the school system. As soon as the decision is made about opening/closing, we post it on our website, Facebook page, and update our phone system message.
Decisions related to closing the building on Saturdays and Sundays will be made based upon weather conditions at that time.
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