Aerobics in Trinity Hall is offered every Tuesday at 10:15 & Thursday at 10:30.
This gentle, low-impact aerobics class is suitable for both beginners and seniors. It includes 30 minutes of safe movements designed to build cardiovascular strength, and 25 minutes of exercises to tone, strengthen and stretch the muscles while sitting in chairs. For more information call Candace Braxton at 475-1084.

Mixed-level Yoga is offered every Thursday morning from 8:30-10:00 in Room 321. Practicing yoga helps improve strength, flexibility, balance and posture. Yoga also helps reduces stress while bringing awareness to the breath. Contact Toni Halstead for more information at 512-5291.

Chair Yoga is offered every Monday at 4:00 and Wednesday at 3:00 in the Welcome Center. This class is practiced while sitting in a chair and standing. The class includes breath work, gentle stretches & range-of- motion movements of the joints, and standing poses to improve balance and muscular strength. For more information contact Toni at 512-5291 or yogamom52@att.net .

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