March Food Drive Madness

March is upon us – and that means March Madness! We are going to collect food the entire month of March to mark this fun time of year – the real winner will be Sherbourne Food Pantry!

Here’s how it will work:

On Sunday, March 3 there will be four college teams selected; their names will be on the collection bins located in the Welcome Center. We will keep the four bins up two Sundays, and keep collecting food so you can fill your favorite team’s box! (Remember, competition is healthy – and Sherbourne ultimately wins!)

On Sunday, March 17, we will have two teams designated – the top two teams from the previous two week’s collection. You can continue to donate March 17, 24 and 31. The winner of this collection will be announced on April 1.

Then on Sunday, April 7 – Final Four Sunday – we will have two teams selected for our food collection – the two teams that will actually play for the National Championship on Monday, April 8. Come and fill the box for who you think will win!

Let the competition begin!

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