As a part of the recommendations from the Facility Task Force and Unstuck, Trinity has contracted with local architect, Jim Byerly, to help develop a plan. Jim’s firm specializes in working with churches. He has completed multiple renovation and new build projects across the Richmond area.

On Monday, November 19, Jim will be available to receive congregational input at the following times in the Welcome Center:

  • 4:45 -5:30 Children’s wing (Infant thru Grade 5, including the Preschool).
  • 5:45-6:30 Youth(Grades 6-12).
  • 6:45-7:30 Connect and Grow leaders and their teams.

Any questions, please contact Bill Pike.

Task Force Report Summary

(As printed in the November Window Newsletter)

Long-Term Facilities Committee Report and Recommendations
From the fall of 2016 until approximately February of 2018, the Long- Term Facilities task force tackled the challenge to analyze the long-term facility needs of our programs, committees, and congregation.

The committee members decided our challenge should have five objectives;

  • To Analyze the long-term facility needs of our programs, committees and congregation
  • To Take all facets of the church community into consideration-Nothing is off of the table for discussion
  • Give all factions of the church the opportunity for input
  • The work of the committee would be data driven
  • Generate a list of recommendations

During the approximately sixteen months the committee members worked, the following strategies/tactics were incorporated to gain as much input as possible. Our staff was asked to complete a survey of the needs for their respective areas and this was followed by an in-person interview with a member of the task force. An on-line survey was created in order for the congregation, young and old, and staff to have the opportunity to express their opinion and provide suggestions.
The survey yielded one-hundred and seventy-one responses and provided tremendous guidance for the committee’s discussions.

In addition to the survey, members of the task force visited several churches in our area that are similar in size and scope to ours. The purpose of these visits was to gain ideas and talk with the staff members from these churches to learn what they liked about the design of their facility and what they might do differently given the opportunity.

After reviewing the data from the surveys, analyzing the facility visits, and reviewing the input from the staff, there were three major take-aways from our discussions;

  1. The congregation prefers renovate rather than build new
    (painting, carpet, kitchen fixtures )
  2. New/renovated space for youth
  3. Renovate preschool

Our next step was to prioritize the numerous suggestions into short-term and long-term needs.

The short- term recommendations are:

  • Move youth to the Mastin room and renovate the room.
  • Move Bryce’s office to Bill Pike’s office so he will be in close proximity to the youth facility.
  • Paint and carpet in pre-school and throughout the building, update artwork throughout the building
  • Renovate bathrooms near trinity hall, pre-school, and in older areas of the building
  • Renovate the kitchen with new cabinetry and counters.
  • Explore the possibility of moving the Contemporary service to Trinity hall to minimize set-up time between services
  • Renovate stairwells leading to pre-school area.

The long-term recommendations (3-5 years) are:

  • Relocate the bicentennial garden and create a new main entrance to the church with information desk, reception area, offices, and much needed storage.
  • Renovate/repurpose existing information desk area and offices
  • Renovate Eaton Hall
  • Create a “sports area” for our youth where the old house was.
  • Renovate the chapel, parlor, and conference room

Please know these recommendations are just that; recommendations. No final decisions have been made at this time.

The task force members are grateful to all who took their time to complete surveys and give us input to consider as we made our decision. The committee looks forward to presenting this report to the congregation in the near future and we are always open to other suggestions for our facility as we connect, grow and serve.

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