UMW Calendar


Sacred Spaces: Encounters with God & Neighbor

UMW Programs at 10:15
Monthly Board Meeting at 9:00 a.m. in the Mastin Room.
No Board Mtg. in Nov. or Dec.

September-May programs at 10:15 AM
Childcare is available, and all are welcome.

September 12 Sacred Spaces, In Virginia’s Prisons
GraceInside: Virginia’s Prison Chaplain Service
Speaker, Rev. Lynn Litchfield
Bring a Salad Brunch, Trinity Hall
October 10 In Spaces Sacred to the Mattaponi
Speaker: Chief Custalow of the Mattaponi Tribe
November 14

65th Harvest Day: From Timber to Brick: Sacred Places

Speakers: Carol Gill 9:30 Welcome Center;
10:00 Worship in Sanctuary, & 11:00 Brunch, Trinity Hall
Offering Recipients 2017: Trinity UMC and its Ministries

December 12 Sacred Spaces in Our Community:
Busy Hands Advent Service Day: 9:00 – noon,
Brunswick Stew Lunch, Trinity Hall
January 9 Sacred Spaces in the Words and Wisdom of Sojourner Truth;
reenacted by Evelyn Allen.
February 1 United Methodist Day at the General Assembly
gather 7:00 am Bon Air UMC: breakfast, visit to Capitol Square,
lunch & speakers, adjourn 3:30 p.m.
February 13

Providing Sacred Spaces of Shelter
Sacred Spaces in My Heart: The Ann Marie Blackmon Story

March 14 A Call To Prayer & Self Denial in the Jim Turner Chapel

The Sacred Spaces of New Leaders
10:15-10:40 Reception in Parlor, 10:45 Worship Service,
Speaker, Rev. Christy Haga-Turner, Pastor of Westhampton UMC

April 10 The Sacred Spaces of our Willing Hands
Spring Service Day Projects
May 1  May Banquet – Trinity’s Children and Youth Share Their Experiences and Faith

with Bryce Miller and Leila Denton

6:00 p.m. Covered Dish Supper and Program
Everyone welcome to attend, especially children, youth and families


Our 2017-2018 Focus

Sacred Spaces with God & Neighbors
Our monthly programs explore sacred spaces where you can experience God and neighbor. As Christ’s disciples, we are entrusted with creating spaces of wholeness and abundances for all. Sacred spaces are not only places of religious significance but sacred because of the interactions that take place between God and humans there. In the Bible, some of these encounters occur in physical locations.

For example, Moses met God in the burning bush and God asked Moses to remove his sandals because the ground had become hallowed through God’s presence. The encounter resulted in God calling Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

For others, like Jacob and Hannah, that ‘God encounter’ happened in their inner beings. Each encounter helps the person see God clearly. When we interact with God, we learn something about ourselves, and we discover God’s purposes for our lives. So, too, our encounters with people become sacred when we consider that human beings bear God’s image and are the unique recipients of God’s love and grace.